Metis Linux Donation Page

Support metis linux by donating any digital, physical or financial assets.

Send a mail at [email protected] to donate any physical or digital asset.

We believe Metis Linux can gather the momentum and the community necessary to fund itself entirely through donations, sponsoring without the need to engage in commercial activities and without focusing on anything else than improving the distribution itself.

If you want to help and if you can do so please make a donation to the project and encourage others to do so.

How to Donate

To donate in esewa use the following Addres or send as a ko-fi

Latest Donors

2022:09:10 Abhisek Ghimire

2022:09:10 Akesh Khatiwoda

2022:09:10 Biswas Bhandari

2022:09:10 Code Wringer

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2022:09:09 Abhisek Kafle

2022:09:09 Arun Baral

2022:09:09 Ashok Chapagai

2022:09:09 Ashum Tara Pathak

2022:09:09 Bibek Neupane

2022:09:09 Bikram Kharal

2022:09:09 Genuine Panthi

2022:09:09 Hemant Joshi

2022:09:09 Kushal Kafle

2022:09:09 Nabaraj Dhungel

2022:09:09 Naresh Adhikari

2022:09:09 Rijan Tiwari

2022:09:09 Shuvam Adhikari

2022:09:09 Smarika Ghimire

2022:09:09 Sudip Shah

2022:09:09 Sujan Paudel

2022:09:09 Veshraj Ghimire

2022:09:09 Yaman Mandal